Investor Relations

RGP is a next-gen global human capital firm helping clients match the right professional talent needed to tackle change and transformational initiatives.

Disrupting the professional services industry since 1996, we bring a human-first perspective that embodies the Now of Work — attracting the best talent in an increasingly fluid gig-oriented environment.

We specialize in solving today’s most pressing business problems across the enterprise in the areas of transactions, regulations and transformations.

Our engagements are designed to leverage human connection and collaboration to deliver practical solutions and more impactful results that power the success of our clients, consultants and partners.


By The Numbers.

  • 2,200 clients
    1,900 MSAs globally
  • 88% of Fortune 100 clients
    77% of Fortune 500 clients
  • 75% retention rate of Top 100 clients
    over last 5 years
  • 42 countries in which
    clients are served
  • $805M LTM Q4 FY22Revenue
  • 39.3% LTM Q4 FY22Gross Margin
  • 12.8% LTM Q4 FY22Adjusted EBITDA Margin
  • 4,300 employees [billable consultants* & management personnel]
  • 4-year average
    consultant tenure
  • 34% N. American consultants hired
    via employee referrals
  • 65% employees comprised
    of minorities & women
*not all are FTEs
October 5, 2022 5:00 PM EDT

Earnings Conference Call
July 28, 2022 5:00 PM EDT

Earnings Conference Call